Apprentice Week MSP Visit 

CableCom Electrical recently had a visit during apprentice week from SECTT along with the current presiding officer for the Scottish Parliament Alison Johnstone, where she spoke at length about the importance of apprenticeships in Scotland.

During her visit the Lothian MSP spoke with our Managing Director Jim Sayers, Operations Director Graeme Lawson, 3rd stage apprentice Jake Hendry and 1st stage apprentice James O’Hara. 

Jim outlined details of the SJIB program from recruitment to FICA, and also explained what expectations were placed on the apprentices – and the rewards available to them if they apply themselves throughout their apprenticeship.

Both James and Jake told the MSP that they were very happy with their apprenticeship, the balance between site and college, and the many aspects of their trade.

They added that their college coursework covers everything they need to know and equips them with the practical abilities that may not be covered on site.