Transitioning At Pace To Net Zero

CableCom have recently put a number of staff through a course run by Verdancy Group Ltd the purpose of this course is to train staff how to make our company more eco-friendly and also more efficient with the view to getting to net zero. The Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan (CESAP) was published in 2020 and […]

Bathgate Academy

CableCom Technical Services are delighted to have secured the complete Water Heater replacement at Bathgate Academy in Bathgate. As this is a school and it being holiday time, we will have to work to a tight timescale to get this job complete before the schools return. Project will be worth in excess of 20K to […]

Fife Council Summer Works

CableCom Technical Services are delighted to have secured multiple school summers works for another year across Fife. These schoolwork’s vary from heating replacements, sanitaryware changes, heating alterations, ventilation installations, controls and strip out works. This will all be done over the holiday period which will mean working to tight programs to get the schools ready […]

Defibrillator Unit 

CableCom Electrical would like to announce the recent introduction of a defibrillator unit within our head office building. Subsequently all our staff have been trained in the use of this unit in the case of a cardiac emergency on or near to the premises.  We felt this was an important addition to our head office […]