Broxburn Academy

CTS were employed as the Mechanical Contractors for Alpha Schools and has delivered a heating system refurbishment of Broxburn Academy. 
Cost: £260k
Consultant: CTS Design & Build
Client: Alpha Schools (West Lothian) Limited
Sector: Education

CTS were employed as the Mechanical Contractors for Alpha Schools and has delivered a heating system refurbishment of Broxburn Academy. 

The existing heating system within Broxburn Academy, has been drained down in its entirety, with the relevant disconnections complete to enable the new mechanical plant to be safely installed.

The works included the removal of the existing 3No gas fired boilers, partial strip out of existing flue design and included the flushing, draining, disconnection (from a suitable location on existing pipework) and removal of the existing pump sets with all associated peripherals, in a safe manner.

Once this was completed, the installation of a new flue system design, new flow/return header connections (per module – set up utilising reverse return connections to balance _ow through the boilers), new gas connections and delivery and installation of the 3No. Hamworthy Upton high efficient gas fired modular condensing boilers, complete with new high efficient Grundfos variable single head pump sets, as seen on the As Fitted drawings. 

The existing BMS system has been reconfigured to consider the install of the new heating system and this works where undertaken by SSE controls.

Once the boilers were installed and commissioned, a full re-balance of the LTHW heating system has been completed to achieve a successful temperature differential of 80°C flow/60°C return.

The existing boiler flue installation consists of 3No individual twin walled flues (circa 600mm diameter), which branch from the rear of each existing boiler rising vertically through the plantroom ceiling terminating at roof level. this has been partially stripped out at low level up to a mid-level point within the plantroom and from this location utilises a new flue lining product to reline the existing flues rising through to roof level.

The Hamworthy boilers come complete with a 300mm flue header arrangement at the rear of each boiler, which we has a new stainless steel flue section installed from and up to the existing flue at mid-level. From this point installed is a SFL Supra Plus to reline the

existing flue to the existing termination point.

The boilers and flues also have new condensate arrangements which will be grouped via a tundish and pipework branch into the plant house floor gulley, as per the boiler manufacturer recommendations.

The existing gas supply feeding the boilers has been isolated, purged, stripped back and reconfigured. The gas pipework is stripped back to a suitable location and appropriately extended to serve the new boiler configuration, as seen on the mechanical drawings.

The existing Trend iQ 251 Building Management System (BMS) has been suitably re-configured to enable the new mechanical plant to be controlled in a manner as existing.

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